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About us

We were devastated dog parents years ago due to my retriever Butter's death. He couldn’t reached to the food bowls on the ground and even peed on himself because of severe joint problems. The heartbreaking moment makes me have the desire to design AveryDay Raised Dog Bowls (based on vets' advice). Arthritis, in most cases, are preventable.

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We have every products stored at our own warehouses (USA, Taiwan, Germany and China) and have personally tested these items to make sure they are working before they get packaged to you. You can contact us via Amazon.com as well!

We are going to provide more tech products in the future, such as automatic water feeder, automatic food feeder and so. Trying to keep up with 21century!


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  • AveryDay Elevated Dog Bowls is designed by Taiwanese team located in China, Taiwan and Frankfurt, Germany. You can't find this unique design anywhere else but here (and Amazon.com)!
  • If you have new ideas about creating/ having contraptions, please do not hesitate to let us know! We are more than happy to work with you. Let's make dogs' life easier together!